Vitalee is in the final stages to introduce Hydrogen supplements. Hydrogen comes as a great helper to fight not only active oxygen free radicals but also those radicals which are generated when superoxide radicals react with other molecules in our body. It has been demonstrated that
hydrogen is the most potent antioxidant; plus, it is also the smallest one. Hydrogen can reach all parts of our body; it goes through the brain barrier and the tiniest capillaries. So when we consume hydrogen, we help our body to fight reactive radicals, kill the chain reactions, and fight dangerous diseases and aging. Taking a daily dose of hydrogen assures you that your body gets an everyday boost and therefore may promote a healthier and longer life.

Results from several human clinical studies and animal models have demonstrated the benefits of hydrogen in a wide range of conditions including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, diseases, heart attacks and strokes, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases.


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