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About Us

Vitalee Nanomed Corp (“Vitalee”) is incorporated in the State of California as a S Corporation and is founded by Dr. A.J. Khan and Taz Khan with a single-minded focus to create a specialized holistic product line for the entire Alternative Health Care Industry.

Over the next few years, we anticipate advances in alternative healthcare products and services that will alter the landscape of daily healthcare needs. Our product line is defined as a “dietary supplement” in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994 signed by President Clinton.

Vitalee’s business is caring for the world; one person at a time. At Vitalee Nanomed we embrace research and science and bring innovative new ideas and products with no or little side effects and advance the health and well-being of people around the world.

Our Business Philosophy

Ingredients used in our products are backed by the AAMA (American Alternative Medical Association). All ingredients used in our product line are FDA-certified. Clinical studies performed by the National Institute of Health on the ingredients contained in Vitalee’s products can be found at:
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Meet Our Team

“Our team is optimistic and loyal to the company and its mission. “Our team is well trained to go beyond the comfort zone and break barriers for the best customer service.”

Dominique Nguyen, Advisor & Impact Investor

Ms. Nguyen is passionate about building transformative and innovative solutions in regenerative, holistic medicine.

Jay R. Friend, VP of Business Development

Managing steady growth in healthcare products

Dr. Khan Chairman

Innovation is the key to propelling the global economy.

Taz Khan 

“To embark on a journey of success, one needs the tools of planning, foresight, a diversified team, and a cohesive business strategy”.