Dominique Nguyen Advisor & Impact Investor

It is our distinct pleasure to welcome Ms. Dominique Nguyen. Ms. Dominique Nguyen brings to Vitalee advisory board a wealth of 20 years of diversified experience in sustainable business solutions and regenerative medicine. Dominique Nguyen, is Principal/CEO at Meridian Global Group, LLC, a company that has been delivering sustainable business solutions to government, commercial and non-profit organizations
Ms. Nguyen is currently the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Longevity Clinics & Research Institute (LCRI) in bringing the latest regenerative medicine to patients with its newest frontier in cellular regeneration, exosome therapy. Prior to MGG, Ms. Nguyen has worked for over 17 years in corporate, performing business development, acquisitions, organizational development, asset management, strategic planning, operations, international relations and investments.
Ms. Nguyen is passionate in building transformative and innovative solutions in the fintech, regenerative, holistic medicine & clean energy industries.  She is relentlessly looking for economically sustainable ways to help humanity worldwide through transformative and innovative solutions.